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About us

The roots of our Company go back to 1959, when José Jacinto Ferreira, its founder, leaves his birth town, and comes to Ponta Delgada in search of a better life. At that time, and with more adverse conditions than the current ones, he manages to settle in the historical center of Ponta Delgada, where it begins his activity as an "agent of funerals".

Internacional Service

Unfortunately a person's life may end suddenly and far from their hometown, being an emotionally painful experience for family and friends. We are a specialized funeral home that collaborates with embassies, consulates, insurance companies and private institutions around the world and we provide a complete service and solutions for the repatriation, from the moment of death to the moment of the funeral.

Funerary art

We provide the service of construction, maintenance and conservation of graves and deposits, as well as the coating of tombs in diverse materials, with the most varied options. You will have at your disposal a vast set of models of tombs, tombstones, vases, ceramic photos, images, etc. From the simplest to the most sophisticated detail chosen by you.