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About Us

The roots of our Company go back to 1959, when José Jacinto Ferreira, born on April 15, 1910, in the town of Ginetes, began his career as a “agent of funerals” starting to work in Ponta Delgada, Rua de Lisboa nº 23-C. In September of the same year, he acquired his first Hearse, a Morris Oxford. In 1962 he moved the office to  Rua João Francisco de Sousa nº 63 (former 2ª Rua do Conde), where it stayed until 2016.Documento (4)

He continued investing in the provision of services with quality and honesty, thus becoming, within 10 years, the leader in the local funeral home industry.

In view of this growth, in December 30th, 1968, he established the company Ferreira e Filhos, Lda. with his children, Manuel Jacinto Ferreira, Maria Clotilde Ferreira Cabral, João Jacinto Ferreira and Carlos Jacinto Ferreira, which stayed that way until 1981, when Carlos Ferreira and his wife, Maria Papoula Raimundo Ferreira, became the majority shareholders.

Being the quality of services a constant and investing in the renovation of it´s image, in the early nineties they acquired new funeral cars, a warehouse and remodeled their headquarters office.

During all these years and incorporating the changes in the industry, the company kept up with the evolution of the times. It sought to highlight the quality of the services, with professionalism, seriousness and confidence demonstrated in the different sectors of its trade. The trust in the work developed, allowed it to perform the funeral ceremonies of some of the great personalities of the Azorean society, as it is the case of Augusto Rebelo Arruda (1964), Vasco Bensaúde (1967), Francisco Luís Tavares (1968), Jeremias da Costa (1970),  Armando Côrtes-Rodrigues (1971), Dom Manuel de Medeiros Guerreiro (1978), Ernesto Canto da Maia (1981), Francisco Carreiro da Costa (1981) e Dom Jaime Garcia Goulart (1997)  and many others.

In 2002, they extended the company’s partnership to their sons José António Raimundo Ferreira and Roberto Raimundo Ferreira, who continued its legacy. Determined to invest in professional training, both nationally and internationally, the new partners invest in new technologies that maintain the prestige and transparency of their previous generations.

In 2009, in the anniversary of half a century of activity, the institutional image of the company was renewed by registering the brand Funerária Ferreira and creating a web domain with the same name.

In 2015 a new space for offices and warehouses is acquired in Ponta Delgada, being inaugurated on March 4, 2017, as the new headquarters of the company.

We were in the past, we are today and we want to be in the future a company in constant growth, with the attention of always being updated about everything that is relevant to our business to continue to dignify the funeral sector, in order to maintain the prestige achieved in more than half a century of Funerária Ferreira®.