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International Service

Unfortunately a person’s life can end suddenly and far from their hometown, being an emotionally painful experience for family and friends.

Usually the event is aggravated with all the practical and legal issues that arise in the moments of decision.

We understand the difficulties that arise when a relative or loved one dies, especially when it happens in a foreign country.

The repatriation process may seem complex and difficult, especially the international ones. For these difficult times, Funerária Ferreira has the necessary solutions to help you, ensuring a reliable and dignified service for your family member or loved one.

We are a specialized funeral home with more than 50 years of experience in the market we cooperate with embassies, consulates, insurance companies and private institutions all over the world and we have a complete service and solutions for repatriation, from the moment of death to burial.

We can provide an international funeral service and/or repatriation from the Azores to any part of the world and we take care of all the administrative, legal and logistic procedures.

Funerária Ferreira has built its reputation in the strong knowledge of the legal procedures, traditions and in the attention and respect that we show to our clients.

Our experience will ensure your confidence in the operative repatriation of the body of your relative or loved one to the homeland. Funerária Ferreira’s employees will offer you the best options, solutions and all the necessary support. Our employees guarantee qualified assistance to the family of the deceased.

You can contact us 24 hours a day for consultation and order our international funeral and / or repatriation solutions.