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Funeral / Cremation

A funeral is a ceremony that marks the loss of a relative, friend or acquaintance. It is a ritual common in all cultures and varies according to the beliefs and traditions of its peoples. This ceremony also includes the entire process of preparing the body for burial, be it on the ground, in crematorium or embalming.

At the Ferreira Funeral Home Agency, we are committed to respecting and following the rituals in the various religions, assuring the family that their rituals and beliefs are respected throughout the funeral service.

The burial of the body in the ground is the most common procedure, and now the crematorium is also usual, since it provides the transport of the ashes to a nearby place or realizing some expressed desire by the deceased, avoiding years later the exhumation of the bones.

The Funeral Agency Ferreira offers various types of burial vaults, differentiated by their style and materials, which derive from the choice made by you, from the urn for a social funeral to the higher-sized ballot boxes.

The Jazigo is a tomb where mortal remains (bodies, bones or ashes) are placed. Usually they are peculiar constructions, in the form of small chapel and subterranean deposits. For the deposits, Funerária Ferreira counts on urns made in Mahogany, Mutene or Carvalho, since they have a superior durability in order that the power to remain on display.